TV User

Open any website on TV using your Smartphone or Tablet.
Start your experience in just couple of clicks. Easy to set up.

Sony Blu Ray Player

Tikclone app is live now on Opera TV Store. Use this TV app with our smartphone/tablet app to begin internet browsing.

Smart TV

Use on your TV browser. And use our smartphone/tablet app to begin internet browsing.


Download Android App from Google Play today. Share any website to your TV with single touch.


Use for iPad and iPhone. Share any website to your TV with single touch.


Add new set of users to your website now. Reach to millions of TV users.
Make content TV presentable dynamically with almost zero cost of development.

Platform connecting TV User to publisher

Our platform is designed to create the best User Experience for web content on internet connected TV.
Very easy to integrate with your website and apps.
Make your web content presentable to TV users instantly. Increase TV users traffic.
Leverage on existing userbase. Add another monetization channel.
Our platform is designed such that you have almost zero development cost.
No changes needed to your existing website.

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Open API for your websites

Our platform is built with utmost flexibility and it is easy to integrate with your existing websites and TV apps.
We have open API to integrate your web content with our platform.
Very easy to integrate. Go live in minutes. Technical support is available 24/7.

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Analytics for growth

Our analytics will help you gain user insights.
Increase user rention. Build on knowledge.
Create next generation user experience for consumer of your website.

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Tikclone is recognized

March, 2017 (Los Angeles, CA) - Tikclone is recognized as one of the Top 10 OVP Solution Providers by Media Entertainment Tech Outlook.

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